Winsults Card Game Interview With Creator Lanee Higgins

Kenny Schumacher June 12, 2020
My interview with Lanee Higgins of Animus.

I recently interviewed Lanee Higgins on her party card game Winsults, which is available now through their website. Lanee shared some of the funniest moments she’s experienced while playing her game, explained the hilarious gameplay, and shared her experience as a creator.

What Is Winsults?

The Winsults card game

As the name suggests, Winsults is a game where you win by insulting others. It’s a game best played with friends, but on the flip side, what better way to break the ice than to share some insults?

I think the game is awesome. My friend group is always playfully making fun of each other, and we actually find it to be a great way to show our friendship. Find someone you can insult and still be friends with, and you know they’re a great friend.

Interviewing Lanee Higgins On Her Party Game

As I discovered in the interview, Winsults was created by Lanee and her husband, who like my group of friends, enjoy playfully dissing each other. They then though – why not turn this into a game?

In the interview, Lanee discusses how the game works, some of the best disses she’s experienced, and how you don’t need expansions for Winsults when you have house rules. She also shared great insight on how to effectively market your game – touching on the power of using platforms like Giphy (and how she reached hundreds of thousands of views through Giphy).

You can learn more about Winsults by visiting their website and following them on their social media.




Written by Kenny Schumacher

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