Oh Sheep Character Profile #7 – Army Special Ops

Justin Le
Justin Le June 15, 2020
Fun fact: he’s eating one of those stolen lollipops now.

In today’s Oh Sheep character profile, we’ll be discussing the Army Special Ops character. The Special Ops will always wear his sunglasses, because otherwise all his missions would be too easy for him. His only weakness is candy, especially lollipops…

We designed the Special Ops Sheep based on Sylvester Stallone in the movie “The Expendables”. Though a lot of people apparently received it negatively, we thought that it was a great and awesome homage to 90’s action flicks. I guess you had to grow up with 90’s action flicks to really enjoy “The Expendables” franchise.

Justin Le
Written by Justin Le

Justin is a co-creator of Oh, Sheep! He loves all sorts of board and card games, especially ones where he can mess with his friends. Chicken nuggets, fries, and board games are his ideal nights.

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