Oh Sheep Character Profile #6 – Army Sniper

Justin Le
Justin Le June 10, 2020
Hey, isn’t the cap still on?

In today’s Oh Sheep character profile, we’ll be discussing the Army Sniper character. The Sniper has to hide for hours, sometimes days or months, waiting on an opportunity to get his target into his sights. While laying in wait he usually binges his favorite TV shows on Sheepflix, which might also be the reason why he always misses his opportunities.

Though I do not own any, I have always been fascinated by guns and weapons, especially long-range rifles. I think that as a sport, shooting (shooting at lifeless targets) is a fun and exciting challenge and I do respect the skill that is needed for it. Which is why I have a lot of respect for snipers, especially for their patience and endurance.

Justin Le
Written by Justin Le

Justin is a co-creator of Oh, Sheep! He loves all sorts of board and card games, especially ones where he can mess with his friends. Chicken nuggets, fries, and board games are his ideal nights.

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