Oh Sheep Character Profile #12 – Army Commander

Justin Le
Justin Le July 6, 2020
He may be directly in charge of a nation’s worth of sheep, and he may have some cool medals, but is he really worthy of our respect?

In today’s Oh Sheep character profile, we’ll be discussing the Army Commander character.

“Folloooooooowwwww meeeeeee into the minefield, my sheep!”

Those would have been the last words ushered by the Commander if he hadn’t such a great support team and strong plot armor.

Another military comedy that Justin watched growing up was “Hot Shots!”. One of his favorite characters in that movie is the goofy Admiral Benson, which largely influenced the creation of the Commander for the Army Sheep.

Justin Le
Written by Justin Le

Justin is a co-creator of Oh, Sheep! He loves all sorts of board and card games, especially ones where he can mess with his friends. Chicken nuggets, fries, and board games are his ideal nights.

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