Kickstarter Lessons Learned: Print As Soon As Possible

Kenny Schumacher June 29, 2020

We’re glad to have you joining us for today’s article on Kickstarter lessons learned. Today we’re featuring the advice given to us from Ben from RUN (this is the 3rd time already that he’s been featured!) on when to get your draft cards ready. As alluded to the above title, the best time to print was yesterday.

Jokes aside, Ben’s advice is to get the draft printed out as quickly as possible.

“I highly recommend getting the draft cards printed as soon as possible. They don’t need to be perfect. What you will find is that even when you think they are ‘perfect’ you get in the game and realize something doesn’t quite mesh and you need to make adjustments.”

Realistically, if you wait until they’re perfect, chances are they still won’t be perfect. So you might as well print them out as quickly as you can, even if you know they aren’t perfect, as this allows you to start sending the game out to reviewers.

On working with reviewers and influencers, Ben mentions:

I regret that I did not send my prototype to influencers, as I believe that would have been a worthwhile venture. Looking back, I would certainly have sent them a good version of the prototype, but sadly I have been having to wait on my manufacturer for a version that I would be proud to share to said influencers.

For instance, i can’t tell you how many conversations I had with people who asked if I had a printed version to share with them… it is never fun telling them “no, not yet.”

My credibility was instantly discounted and even though we kept in touch, it left a black spot on my record with those folks.

This is why it is so important to have review copies ready and printed out, even when they’re not perfect. Having these drafts printed allows you many opportunities for play testing with friends and sharing your game with others. Even if the product isn’t perfect, it’s still much better than having no product at all.

With this, I’m reminded of the saying I hear often as an entrepreneur creating (up until now, non-board game products) products:

If you’re not embarrassed of your product, you’ve launched too late.

While there’s of course no shame in being proud of what you’re launching, don’t let striving towards perfection set you back.

Written by Kenny Schumacher

Kenny is one of the creators of Oh, Sheep! His all time favorite card game is the Yu-Gi-Oh trading card game, which he's been obsessed with since it first came out. He's always looking forward to the next board game night.

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