Kickstarter Lessons Learned: Optimal Kickstarter Project Duration

Kenny Schumacher June 22, 2020

We’ve already featured Ben’s advice previously on our Kickstarter Lessons Learned blog series, so to feature him again is a testament as to just how much help he has been to the entire Oh, Sheep! team. In today’s article, we’ll be discussing the optimal Kickstarter project duration.

What should you set as the Kickstarter duration?

When setting up your Kickstarter campaign, you have the option to set the length your project can be backed between 1 and 60 days. As noted by Kickstater, they have found that anything longer than 60 days does not help, and that they suggest a campaign 30 days or less.

Ben from RUN chose the maximum length of 60 days for his project’s duration, and had mixed feelings about it.

The pros on the long campaign:

“It allowed me to get organized and add changes to the page. It also gives me time to complete at least the first expansion.”

The cons on the long campaign:

“However, too many backers will wait until the last few days before jumping on board, as they simply don’t want to commit 47 days out. I am also at risk of losing backers to other projects, as they can be lured away.”

As to the con, Ben had addressed this by creating consistent engaging content to hold his audience’s attention, which we discussed in our previous article with Ben.

The perfect Kickstarter campaign project duration

What’s the perfect length for your Kickstarter campaign? Ben believes that a 25 day campaign may be a sweet spot. This ensures your campaign is not too long to lose your audience’s attention, while still being long enough to ensure that your target audience does not miss out.

Anecdotally, most creators say that they usually knew within the first few days whether their campaign would be a success. We’ve often heard creators say that if their game was at least halfway funded after the first few days, that’s when they new their campaign would be a success. If it wasn’t at that point after a few days, they most likely knew it would not fund.

What has been your experience launching a Kickstarter project? Have you found success with a shorter or longer duration campaign?

Written by Kenny Schumacher

Kenny is one of the creators of Oh, Sheep! His all time favorite card game is the Yu-Gi-Oh trading card game, which he's been obsessed with since it first came out. He's always looking forward to the next board game night.

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