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Kenny Schumacher July 8, 2020

Happy Wednesday everyone! Today we are happy to share another local board game store with you: Board Game Bliss in Scarborough, Canada. When we reached out to them, Bosco immediately showed his appreciation. He asked if we were going to launch our game on Kickstarter. He then immediately gave us some advice on how to approach our launch! Just from this small interaction with him, I could see that just like so many in the board game community he’s another supportive and friendly soul, who just wants to spread the love for board games! That’s why I’m sure that the team at Board Game Bliss will do whatever they can to help and service all your board and card game needs!

So if you live nearby there and haven’t been to this store yet, do me and yourself a favor, take a look and support them. 😀

Check out their Social Media:Facebook & Twitter

Check out their Website.

Board Game Bliss telling their story and their mission

Board Game Bliss was founded in 2013. The store started with a dream to open a board game cafe.

We believe that games act as an excellent medium to bring joy to family, children and friends – especially the new modern games. The modern board games that we carry are very different from the traditional board games that we used to play. We carry different types of games that fit different people and age groups. We encourage you to give them a try and experience how good they are!

Our mission is to bring different types of games from around the world to our store for you at a great price.

Board Game Bliss believes that you will enjoy and be impressed by the games we carry. We hope these games will bring happiness and laughter to you and your family.

Hope you enjoy the stay!

Written by Kenny Schumacher

Kenny is one of the creators of Oh, Sheep! His all time favorite card game is the Yu-Gi-Oh trading card game, which he's been obsessed with since it first came out. He's always looking forward to the next board game night.

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